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Top 10 Best Naruto Games For Android 2019



Game claiming GameSamba is arguably the best Naruto game on the Mobile platform. The reason, the game carries the Action MMORPG genre with a dazzling display and supported by a variety of interesting features. What makes Naruto Slugfest an interesting game is the display quality that is above the average Android game in general. The depiction is so beautiful and alive. Naruto Slugfest itself is an MMORPG game, with a real-time battle system, where you are given the freedom to move and attack your enemies with a variety of existing skills. Like MMORPG games in general, this game will offer a variety of freedom of character customization, exploration, grinding, and various quests that you can complete in a party.

Naruto Online game which is made by Bandai Namco was launched by Tencent in its Mobile version. In playing this game you will also see the original stories from the Naruto animated series in every mission. Surely you will feel a Naruto's story from a child to tell all his journey to the end. Naruto Online will be very much different from the PC version, because in the Mobile version, Tencent has changed all the animations or graphics with more stunning and satisfying.

The gameplay presented by Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a tactical RPG that is packed with simple actions, such as throwing various Naruto characters to create powerful combos and accompanied by a variety of super cool cutscene. The essence of the game Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing is grinding by completing the series of missions according to the storyline like in the original anime and manga. Although the game is simple, it doesn't mean Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing feels monotonous. Each character has their own characteristics, starting from the differences in the elements of attack, the rarity of the cards, and the special attacks they have.

Carrying the concept of intergenerational battles by presenting Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha as the spearhead of the latest Boruto series, Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage presents an exciting battle between ninja in the game. In this game, you and a 4-character ninja army aim to fight with other ninja forces to take over their fortresses. The gameplay offered is similar to MOBA in general, but the difference is that your team's character is automatically driven by AI. The graphics of this game take motion from the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, seen from various Naruto and Sasuke movements in the game. On closer inspection, the graphics quality of this game is more or less like Ultimate Ninja Impact which was released on the PSP a few years ago.

Naruto Mobile is an action side scrolling game, which really picks up the story of Naruto and his friends like in the manga and anime. In this game, you will first play Naruto, since before becoming a ninja and following his life journey. As long as you play, you will be able to play various other characters, such as Sasuke and Sakura. You can only control one character during a battle, but you can switch between one character and another when you are not in combat mode. Unfortunately, for the time being Tencent only released this game for the Chinese market. The language still uses Chinese.

This game concept is MOBA, but the character of the player follows the animation of Naruto. The combat type of this game is also different from other MOBA games where players will fight cool ninja moves. Here, you will play it with a system of 5 against 5. In addition, players are also asked to collect coins from each battle that is done. Later, the coin will be able to unlock items which are certainly very useful for battles in the future.

Manga and anime fans especially Naruto will face various monsters that can be played as a team. This game received quite positive reviews from its players.

Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill is a pretty good 2 D ninja battle game. Cross over game that presents many anime characters from different universes. Fun to play if you want an alternative duel game that is simple but many unique things with pretty graphics.

This Naruto-inspired game is endless runner, where you will throw various ninja weapons such as shuriken, kunai and others.

Suitable for alternatives for those of you who like the world of ninja adventures because they are inspired by the Naruto series. This lightweight game though simple but quite addictive and exciting to play in spare time.
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