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Top 8 Best Turn Based RPG For Android 2019


This RPG turn-based action game tells of a guerrilla army named Black Wings who fought the atrocities of Conclave Corporation and stopped their plans to destroy the world. You will control more than 120 heroes that you can collect as the story progresses. Although Overhit is a game from South Korea, most heroes will have voices from well-known Japanese voice actors who are used to playing anime characters. Voice actors such as Kaito Ishikawa who also filled the voices of Iida Tenya from My Hero Academia and Toshiyuki Morikawa who were famous for their roles as Boros in Onepunch-Man also contributed to enlivening the game. Amazing visual display thanks to Unreal Engine 4 used. gives you visuals like a game console with the most beautiful graphics today that are made with similar engines.

This game carries the premise of the story of Stage Girls who compete through stage performances to become a star. The story presented will be different from the anime series that have already been released. In addition to the nine characters in the Revue Starlight anime, there will be an additional 15 new Stage Girls characters in the game. Revue Starlight Re LIVE uses a turn-based strategy as its combat system. When your turn comes, you are required to arrange a series of attacks in succession from various characters. So, you don't need to wait one character at a time just to attack the enemy.

Games that have been downloaded more than 1,000,000 android users is arguably a real RPG game, because in addition to supported 2D HD graphics display. this game does not have auto mode that is owned by most other RPG games, when moving around to explore the mission area itself you need to press the screen of your smartphone so that your party of 4 people can move. For the battle system itself, you will also have full control of your characters, you need to suppress the type of attack and the enemy you want to attack, before launching an attack. Interestingly, each character will have a special attack that triggers a beautiful cutscene. Plus, when exploring the mission area you can interact with NPCs or treasure boxes that you meet to get various items or complete quests.

The Fate Grand Order has a background on saving mankind from extinction, which is predicted to occur in 2050. You will act as a "Master" who controls a number of "Servants," who explore the past to unravel the mystery of the origin of the event and save the Ummah human from total extinction.
For the gameplay, the Fate Grand Order uses the CCG (Collectible Card Game) system as its base. You must collect strong cards from the RNG system and increase the strength of the cards by leveling. Actually, this system is very common to be used in other mobile games from Japan, but Fate Grand Order presents an interesting battle system that makes you feel at home for hours in front of your smartphone.

Crossing Void is a mobile game project that involves Sega, 91Act, and Dengeki Bunko in its development. Presenting all the favorite characters of the Wibu like Shana, Asuna, Kirito and others, the battle system game will use a turnbased system, where you will be accompanied by two other members of your party. Interestingly when you issue a special attack from the characters you use, it will trigger an interesting cutscene that will be supported by stunning effects. Besides that, Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void will also have a PVP feature and story mode that allows you to meet Asuna and Shana in the same world.

    Destiny Child is a CCG type game which is supported by a Live 2D engine where each character in this game is formed by more than 200 different parts to give them a 3D vibe. The character referred to as Child in this game is dominated by female characters. Most of the female characters who look adorable and sexy, In terms of gameplay, Destiny Child is quite unique because it is very simple and easy to understand. Each child will attack automatically and you just need to press the skill and slide skills only. The effect is also very cool and lively although only 2D.
     Maybe if we think back. This game is intended for adults or that may not be played by small children. Where this game has characters that are too sexy or deserve to get censorship.
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        For those of you lovers of RPG games that offer a freedom it seems obligatory to play this game. because you can choose your own storyline, this one game offers a variety of story options to choose from. This game itself has a turn-based strategic RPG genre where you will control an aircraft called Machina. Interestingly, each hero in this game will have a different type of Machina that you can customize in such a way. In the battle system itself The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria you can bring your party members consisting of 5 people, where there will be a variety of attacks that will be supported by interesting effects. Besides this game will also offer a variety of interesting features such as PVP between other players, boss raid, and guild system.
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8. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

This game is perfect for those of you who can't play Final Fantasy XV on the console. The image has indeed changed from a realist style to an anime chibi style. However, you are not disappointed because this game still brings the same excitement as the console version. Likewise the story which is purely taken from the console version.

You can get this mobile RPG game for free on Google Play or the Apple Store. Unfortunately, only the first episode is free. You can get the rest with paid content in the game. Guaranteed equal to what you will get!

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