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These 10 Games CANNOT BE PLAYED BY CHILDREN !!! Part 3

 Homie Girls (android)

This game is a simulation genre, but different from other simulation games, this game is a dating simulation. At the beginning of the game you will choose 2 Nancy or Luna girls to be your virtual boyfriend, there are various mini games for you to play, in each mini game you will get coins or diamonds that you can use to beautify your girlfriend. such as buying clothes, bags, shoes and others, but remember, small children are prohibited from dating.

Surgeon Simulator (android)

In this game, you will play the role of a specialist surgeon who has to deal with many dying patients. Surely your job here is to dissect the patient's organs to find the disease. These scenes often make the players feel sore and tense. This Surgeon Simulator game is equipped with stunning 3D graphics. That way, you can clearly see every detail of the game. Because of this sadistic scene, the Surgeon Simulator game is now removed from the Google Play Store.

Beach Flag Paradise (android)

In this game you will race with other characters to fight for a flag, but the characters used in this game are girls in sexy clothes who are running on the beach, the longer you play this game the challenges are also getting harder and the location of the flags is also not easy. to be found, even though this game is still available on the playstore for those of you who are still underage, don't play this game.

Friday Killer House Survival (android)

Sadistic and thrilling actions are very thick with the gameplay from the Friday Killer House Survival game. In the game you will play a cold-blooded psychopath who doesn't hesitate to kill anyone. Equipped with various weapons such as machetes, spears, sickles, pitchforks and other sharp objects. It is certain that the effect of blood will be splattered at every location in the game. Apart from killing, you also have to avoid the police chasing you as much as possible. When you kill a victim make sure that he is dead, because if he gets away they will call the police and arrest you.

Mosquito Game (PC-PS4)

Actually, there's nothing wrong in this game, so in this game you will look for fresh blood from humans, this game is actually just fun and exciting, you know. But everything changes when the target target is a woman with sexy clothes or appearance and some even take a shower, remember if you want to play this game you have to be old enough, small children are prohibited from playing.

Whack Your Ex (PC)

Now, the next one is a game for those of you who have a grudge against your ex, but remember, not to imitate it. The name of the game is Whack Your Ex. Here you are given several tool options that you will use to finish off your ex-boyfriend. Actually this game really contains values ​​of violence and blood, so I really recommend it for those of you who are already adults who play this game.

Omega Labyrint (PC-PS4)

This RPG-format game features several female characters who are fighting against evil monsters, the arena model is simple and pretty good like today's games but after you play, surely you will know what's wrong with this game. Yes, the strength of the women who are the main characters in this game lies in their chests, the more they kill enemies or monsters the bigger their chests are, but when they leave the dungeon the character's chest will also shrink, to make it permanent, the goal is to be achieved in this game is to find the holy grail that can grant all wishes

Gal Gun Series (PC-PS4)

In this game, you will become Hodai, an ordinary high school student. One day, you are shot by a cupid named Ekoro and become so popular that even all the girls at his school like Hodai. But this is not fun. Everything Hodai receives from women, from love letters to kisses, will absorb his energy. Hodai must endure and find his true partner before the day ends. If that fails, he will be cursed and forever alone. You will be able to stop the girls' "attack" by firing a "pheromone shot" to make them stop because they are lovesick.

Gladiator True Story (android)

This game takes the theme of gladiator fights which are always sadistic. In this game, you are asked to always win battles in the arena g ladiator so you can stay alive until the end. The blood effects and dangerous scenes in this game feel so real that you will really feel like a gladiator when playing them. In addition to scenes that make it painful, the game also has a blood effect that makes the game even more realistic.

Neet And Angel (android)

This game is a story simulation game, but this game is different from other simulation games. In this game, the storyline in the game is a storyline for adults. This game is very popular because it has an interesting and exciting storyline game with a nice background. In this game you can choose the choice of the story line that will be skipped. There are 3 characters that you can choose, namely, Riko, Rina and Shizue. And each character has a different story.

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