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Top 10 Best New Action RPG Android 2020

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is an RPG with a casual feel that offers quite complex but interesting combat, adventure, and character development. With good pixel graphics and background songs, Guardian Tales looks very fresh and has a game presentation that is different from most other mobile games. In addition to offering adventures full of challenging action, Guardian Tales also has a variety of puzzles that make the game quite interesting. The players will later be forced to rack their brains in solving the available puzzles. Each stage will have a different type of puzzle, such as adjusting the flow of electricity, making rock formations, or catching thieves in the game.

Download : Guardian Tales 

Wild Born

Wild born is an Action RPG game with the theme of Monster Hunter, with a vast Openworld world and very cool graphics, Like other Action RPG genre games, you can take various kinds of quests to hunt and fight monsters of various sizes in the wild at a vulnerable time. certain. If you manage to catch or kill prey, you can forge various kinds of weapons and armor that can be used to help when hunting bigger and stronger monsters. You could say that maybe this game is the best monster hunter game for now on the mobile platform. But unfortunately this game doesn't know when it will be released globally.

Download Wild Born

Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse is an action RPG game featuring characters from the animated Disney and Pixar films. In this game you can move your Disney character and dodge, counter enemy skills, and attack them. This game has excellent 3D graphics and the exact same backdrops as the scenes in the respective films. Disney Mirrorverse takes place in a different universe where evolved and strengthened versions of Disney and Pixar characters are brought together to stand as guardians. In an ever-evolving narrative, these empowered guards must team up and battle their way through an epic quest to defeat the dark forces of Fracture who seek to destroy the Mirrorverse.

Download Disney Mirrorverse

Hundred Souls

The game, which was originally known as Project 100, will feature a battle to eradicate monsters that display stunning actions with display quality above the average mobile game in general, even arguably almost equivalent to a game console. The main element of this game is a battle system that will run in realtime, where you can freely move your character and perform various kinds of attacks and stunning combos. Like RPG games in general, during the fight itself you will be accompanied by party members who have an important role, because they are very useful in combat. In addition to the battle system which is the main dish, this game also has enemies with massive sizes. In total there are 100 types of weapons and equipment that you can use.

Download Hundred Souls

The Outcast Mobile

This game adapted from the anime tells the story of an ordinary student named Chou Soran who is attacked by zombies while visiting his grandfather's grave. A mysterious girl named Fu Hoho came to save Soran and managed to fend off the zombies. Soran's life immediately changes when he finds the martial arts technique taught by his grandfather under threat by another martial arts group. He then tries to uncover the real history of his grandfather and his relationship with Fu Hoho. During the trip you will be accompanied by many characters that you can get through gatcha or or prizes from events.

Download The Outcast Mobile

Incredible mandy

Incredible Mandy tells the story of a boy who tries to save his sister named Mandy, who has lost his memory. As a result of an incident, the older brother lost his right hand but in exchange he was able to take out the Excalibur weapon from his right hand. This game carries action gameplay mechanics with puzzle and platforming elements. In addition to defeating enemies, you will solve puzzles and secrets that are scattered throughout the game. Excalibur you have can be used for various kinds of puzzles that get in your way.

Download Incredible mandy

Legend Of Skyfish 2

Legend of the Skyfish is a puzzle game with a beautiful action adventure genre where the characters use a unique tool, namely a fishing rod. The character is named Little Red Hook. He went on an adventure in Moonwhale in order to defeat the terrible Skyfish. Use Little Red Hook's fishing rod as a weapon or grappling hook against Skyfish, and upgrade it as you go on your adventure. Legend of the Skyfish Zero is filled with intricate puzzles, beautiful painting, and also unique enemies. The world in the game is huge, and the developers divide the challenges into 45 different levels

Download Legend Of Skyfish 2

Shadow Knights Deadly Adventure

Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure RPG is a side-scrolling 2D action adventure RPG game. You will use one of the three choices of characters, each with a choice of weapons: sword, gun, or fist. In this game, you will beat up monsters by carrying out brutal attacks using various skills that you can unlock as your character level increases. This game has flexible 60fps 2D graphics with high-speed battles. This game is suitable for lovers of classic fighting action games.

Download Shadow Knights Deadly Adventure

Dead Cells

Dead Cells tells the story of a cell clot that repeatedly enters the body of its host. This cell is trying to get out of a world full of terrible plague and filled with monsters and the remains of a fallen kingdom. Dead Cell has a gameplay that encourages you to keep up with the action and take advantage of all the abilities the main character can do. The exploration of this game is also a fun element because you will always be rewarded with certain items to take the risk of entering an area that is sure to be a lot of enemies. This fast and rewarding gameplay combined with smooth animations and attractive enemy designs makes Dead Cell a game that can make players addicted to completing this game.

Download Dead Cells

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