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Top 10 Best OFFLINE Adventure Games for Android 2020

The Sword Of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto is a cartoon-style action RPG game that will give you a unique adventure by fighting the evil enemies who have plagued the island. Just like the previous game, this game was adapted from the console version as well as the PC version.

This game itself will take you to explore the world and also various dungeons. In the adventure, you can also increase the abilities of the heroes used by using a variety of different weapons. Apart from playing by completing the main mission, The Swords of Ditto also presents a side mission that you can conquer.

Download The Sword Of Ditto

The Garden Between

This game starts with characters named Arina and Frendt who are hiding in a tree house. When it rained heavily, they suddenly saw a very bright light and made it seem like they had moved to a fantasy world.

In this fantasy world, the pair of friends can control time back and forth with tap controls on the left or right side of the screen on each island. Ariana will lead the step and bring a kind of transparent container to store bright light in it. The light must be placed at the top of each level of the game to open the portal to the next level. Meanwhile, Frendt is behind to carry out additional activities if needed at several levels, of course related to time manipulation.

Download The Garden Between

.Forgotten Anne

Forgotten Anne is a relatively new cinematic adventure game with an interesting storyline and additional light puzzle elements.

Set in the Forgotten Lands, the place is filled with forgotten items, such as old toys, letters, and more. The city is ruled by Master Bonku, and guarded by Anne, the character you play. Your job here is to thwart the rebellion plan that can prevent Master Bonku and Anne from returning to the human world. Not only does it present a strong storyline with additional interesting cutscenes, but this game also presents graphics and backsounds that will make the game funny.

Download Forgotten Anne


GRIS is a young, hopeful girl who is lost in her own world and is dealing with painful experiences in her life. For that, you will explore the world which is designed in an original style.

Not only does it have a very unique game concept, this game also has an artistic presentation style that can be presented very nicely. The various actions in this game are only packed with visuals and almost no words.

In addition, this game presents a clean UI but is still supported by good game controls. For the gameplay itself, you will bring the main character in a platformer-type gameplay with additional light puzzles.

Download Griss

Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm is a bad boy who shoots hordes of gruesome fruit monsters. You will fight against terrifying monsters from the world of Juicy Realm using various types of weapons, from the usual to the craziest. Starting from Gatling weapons, swords, to laser shots. You can choose one of nine characters to fight hordes of fruit monsters, each with its own abilities that will synergize variously with the many weapons and loot drops that you will find while in the arena.

Download Juicy Realm

Baren Lab

In this game you will control a character named Joe who is trapped in a place full of traps and traps. Almost like LIMBO, but this one is more interesting because it is presented with colorful graphics. Along the way Joe pursues a mysterious light, there will be many obstacles that are ready to make him die. Yes, the obstacles provided in Barren Lab are as deadly as the obstacles in similar games like Limbo. There are also puzzles that players have to solve, for example figuring out how to open doors, how to stop lasers, and so on.

Download Baren Lab

A Boy and his blob

A Boy and His Blob is set in the country of Blobolonia. An evil ruler has taken over the Blobolonia throne and it is the duty of Blob and a boy from earth to save the land.

The little boy, the main character of this game, can turn the Blob into various objects by giving jelly candy. These items can be used in completing missions, including ladders, trampolines, parachutes, cannons, shields and more.

Download A Boy and his blob


Adventure game that presents a unique and interesting. If you play this game, you will find many unusual things, from you looking at the sky to the underground world in this game. Apart from presenting a unique graphic concept, this game also offers an exciting action adventure. You are not just walking around here, because you have to fight against enemies. You have to conquer more than 450 enemies and more than 20 bosses.

Download Terraria

Castle of Illusion

This game takes the theme of adventure by featuring one of the Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. This game made by Disney Developers will take you into a castle full of challenges and obstacles. You will be invited to an adventure in the castle. You have to solve every challenge and mission that has been given from the game. It's not scary, this game is presented with a dancing back sound with stunning visuals. Save Mickey's lover, don't make Minnie trapped in the castle for too long.

Download Castle of Illusion


This PC-adapted game tells the story of a child who discovers ancient technology called Teslamancy. You have to solve the puzzle using the power of electromagnetism. Visually, Teslagrad looks amazing. The characters and environment are for the most part delicately drawn, and it is helpful to convey the story and atmosphere of the game without needing for words or dialogue to be spoken.

Download Teslagrad

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