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top 10 Best Pixel Art Games for Android 2020 OFFLINE

Soda dungeon 2

Soda Dungeon 2 is a classic RPG adventure game where you will explore dungeons with the troops that you hire from the tavern. You will collect gold and materials from the dungeon, then use it to make various weapons, armor, and accessories at the Blacksmith in your city. You can upgrade your territory so that more fighters will come for you to hire. You can do battle manually or auto with a turn-based system like classic RPG games. This game has excellent 2D pixel art graphics and background music that has a 90s feel. This game can also be played offline without requiring an internet connection.

Download Soda dungeon 2

Kingdom Two Crowns

This game has a unique gameplay where you will act as a king who will build an empire to protect coins and crowns from greedy creatures. This strategy game is also built with beautiful, even pixelate, graphics. You can also recruit many troops to strengthen the defenses of your kingdom. But you don't need to be afraid of being overwhelmed, because this game provides a multiplayer mode for those of you who want to play with your friends via wifi or blootooth.

Download Kingdom Two Crowns

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 has a different gameplay than most other soccer games. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a casual soccer game, where you don't have to mess with the many serious rules that are common in real football. So, instead of having the four action buttons like in other soccer games, in Pixel Cup Soccer 16, you will only be given two action buttons, namely the button to kick the ball, and the other button to grab the ball. It's not just the controls that are made simple. Some of the existing regulations in the actual soccer sport were also removed. The various rules that were eliminated included free kicks, offside, and violations due to mistakes of other players.

Download Pixel Cup Soccer 16


Terraria game is a game about the adventure of exploring dangerous caves full of treasures and resources that will come in handy when crafting new items for your inventory. The main focus of the game is on crafting and building while the action-adventure part comes second. Terraria is a very immersive game that will suck you in with its exciting exploration based gameplay. Apart from presenting a unique graphic concept, this game also offers an exciting action adventure. You are not just walking around here, because you have to fight against enemies. You have to conquer more than 450 enemies and more than 20 bosses.

Download Terraria

Stardew Valley

If there is a game that comes close to Harvest Moon in terms of gameplay and graphics, then it must be Stardew Valley. This popular indie game really takes the Harvest Moon formula to a whole new level and expands on it. Stardew Valley game offers a bigger world than Harvest Moon where you can enjoy a life of farming, farming, raising livestock, raising poultry and all the farming gimmicks you love. Stardew Valley will make you love a variety of animal and farm loyal dogs, and make you never be able to stop hoeing, watering, and exploring in the game.

Download Stardew Valley


The main character in this game is a girl named Rehtona, you will help Rehtona in her attempt to repair her world that has suddenly been destroyed. From this adventure Rehtona gets a puzzle piece, which when collected, there is a memory that suddenly sticks to his mind. So the more progress goes, the background of this game will be more revealed. The reason why Rehtona's world is destroyed, about the world behind the portal door, and why only Rehtona is left in that world.

Download Rehtone 

Cat Gunner: Super Force

Cat Gunner: Super Force is a pixel art action shooting game with additional RPG elements where you will play a super cat. The goal is to defeat the hordes of zombies and powerful bosses who have invaded Planet Cats. To make the battle easier, you can use several different types of weapons which of course you can also upgrade.

Download Cat Gunner: Super Force

Apple Knight

Apple Knight is an action platformer game that allows you to explore and complete the various levels that are presented and fight with the demon king army. Even though it comes with a classic concept, the movements and various actions and animations that are presented in this game are arguably quite smooth. In addition, the many features presented are able to make this game not boring fast for you to play.

Download Apple Knight

Boomerang Chang 2

In this Boomerang Chang game, you will play a character who stands on a high cliff. Your job here is to eradicate as many monsters as possible. But what is unique is that we can only jump and throw the boomerang, and can only throw the boomerang to the right but because the boomerang can reverse direction, the boomerang will move to the left to beat opponents from the left. But be careful of the boomerang you throw because sometimes the boomerang can hit yourself if it doesn't hit the enemy.

Download Boomerang Chang 2

Surviving Titan

Surviving Titan is a survival game made on a planet called Titan, where your ship lands with your character's condition amnesia. Apart from the basic survival kit, all you have is the ship survival droid. From there you must venture into a randomly generated world consisting of seven different biomes. Each of the worlds will have different inhabitants and resources to discover. Each resource will have a function and will probably have a function that is vital to survival.

Download Surviving Titan

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