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Top 10 Cool Android Games That Are Hidden in the Play Store !! OFFLINE


Nova 3 is one of the Android FPS games with the best graphics in its time. Environmental details and also the various features available are able to attract the attention of FPS game lovers on Android devices. Carrying the concept of the Crysis game style which can be found on consoles and PCs, this game carries a futuristic warfare with a very interesting story. In this game, you will play as a veteran with a mission to save the earth from alien attacks. Apart from presenting a single player mode to complete the story, this game also provides multiplayer mode.

Download Nova 3

Rainbow Six Vanguard

Games with the FPS genre are accompanied by elements of strategy in them. In this game, you will act as a commander of the S.W.A.T. special forces. who will complete each of its missions, which usually involves rescuing hostages. As a commander, you have to coordinate two of your men to make it easier to complete the mission. Talking about graphics, this game has pretty good graphics. With gameplay that includes many features.

Download Rainbow Six Vanguard

Dead Space Mobile

Anyone who has played the PC version of Dead Space knows that this game has a pretty thick element of horror. And that impression is still carried by EA into its mobile version. The enemy that you will face in this game is Necromoph, a monster that is born as a living thing, but has a strange and creepy shape. To kill them, you have to mutilate their arms or legs, because shooting in the head is not enough. Then, there is an additional enemy, namely the Necromoph who is still in human form.

Download Dead Space Mobile

Wwe immortals

If you have played Injustice Gods Among Us in the mobile version, you will be very surprised to see that WWE Immortals' gameplay is exactly the same as the game. Starting from how to do a weak attack, strong attack, deflect, or issue a special attack. Even the battle formation is also exactly the same, you will play three against three with the computer.

Not only that, you not only wrestle each other, but also can issue various moves like a fantasy fighting game full of special effects.

Download Wwe immortals


Is an action adventure game with characters who will travel around the village while carrying a sword with a combination of firearms like Gun Blade in the Final Fantasy series. Once you meet an enemy, you can swipe to cut your opponent with a sword or shoot an existing enemy by pressing a button on the right of the screen. This game also presents a survival mode that requires how we survive. with us only equipped with one bar of life that cannot be filled again,

Download Bladeslinger

Brother In ARMS 2

In this game, you will play the role of David Wilson, a soldier who was thrown into the Pacific war in World War 2.When he wakes up from a serious injury, David learns that his brother Eric, who was also a soldier in the war, was killed in action. Then he tried to reveal what really happened. There are many interesting scenes to see in Brother In ARMS 2, such as looking for a shooter on the roof of a city building. With many battle areas in this game, such as Guadalcanal, Africa, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Sicily and Germany, making the battles in Brother In ARMS 2 even more exciting and interesting.

Download Brother In ARMS 2


The gameplay of this game is similar to Uncharted on PC, where you can fight enemies using the weapons you have, hang on the ruins of an ancient castle that makes you feel like playing the Prince of Persia game, or solving various kinds of challenging puzzles available. You can explore various areas in this game, from cold Antarctica, ancient castle ruins, to even exploring the forests of Samarinda Indonesia.


Edge Of Tomorrow

If you've watched a film called Edge of Tomorrow, you must be familiar with the storyline that is presented in this game. Yes, because the article is that the storyline of this game is made the same as the film. Edge of Tomorrow tells the story of the earth's condition which is hit by a very big disaster after the arrival of aliens on earth. How not, the aliens are not coming well, but instead attack the earth blindly. So our mission in this game is to destroy the aliens and destroy them from the face of the earth.

Download Edge Of Tomorrow

Batlefield Bad Company Mobile

In this game, you will become a war soldier who goes on a series of missions. Most of the missions are killing enemies but don't forget, you also have to try to complete your missions tactically. Why is that? The reason is so that you can save bullets, minimize the enemy knowing your position, and complete the mission faster. This FPS game turns out to not only use rifles, you know. You can also ride vehicles based on the mission later to eradicate your enemies.

Download Batlefield Bad Company Mobile

Shadowgun Mobile

It is a game made by the developer Madfinger, where you will play as John Slade, an assassin assigned to catch a mad scientist who runs away. You will face a lot of rebels, robots, and monsters created by these scientists. Shadowgun is a very exciting TPS game with detailed and beautiful graphics with a futuristic feel. Smooth character movement, where the character moves accurately following the virtual d-pad. Even so, this game can be said is typical of a simple game, just hiding and shooting.

Download Shadowgun Mobile

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