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Top 7 Best Android Games Like Honkai Impact 3 OFFLINE !!

Fate / EXTELLA Link

Fate / EXTELLA: Released original link for PlayStation 4, Switch, PS Vita, and PC via Steam worldwide. And the good news is that this game can also be played on Mobile. Unlike Fate / EXTRA which relies on turn based, EXTELLA is a high-speed action RPG game like Honkai Impact 3, giving players full control of Servants of Fate / Extra when they defeat all troops. with one hit.

The 2018 release of Fate / EXTELLA LINK is a direct sequel to EXTELLA, and features a storyline starring the new Servant based on the French hero Charlemagne. The game also adds more playable servants, including Francis Drake and others taken from other Fates, such as Scathach from Fate / Grand Order and Astolfo from Fate / Apocrypha.

Honkai Impact Offline Version

Surely in protest how come Honkai Impact is included in this list, Honkai game can only be online. But wait a minute before protesting, let's look at the explanation, Honkai Impact 3 is an Online Game, but calm down there is an Offline version, the characters and the map are limited but it's not bad enough to fill your boredom. In the offline version of the Honkai Impact game, you can only try 3 valkeries and this game has a small size of only 450 MB, suitable for those of you who want to try this game but have limited RAM or your cellphone is not able to play the original Honkai Impact game.

Kawai Legend: Conquest Of MAGIC

Kawai Legend: Conquest Of MAGIC is an RPG action game where you will play a Japanese high school girl, your job in this game is to eradicate zombies and demons in your city. There are various characters that you can choose and of course you can customize it to make it more attractive, for a class of offline games, the graphics of this game can be said to be very good. But unfortunately the level of this game is very few, which is only up to level 12. Hopefully the developers will update this game later so that the levels are increased and make this game even more exciting.

Dawn Break Origin

In this game, you will fight in a battle against monsters and bosses. Each character in this game has its own story, different appearances, and also their respective skills that can be used to finish off enemies. Besides having an interesting story, the presentation and gameplay presented by this game has a quality that doesn't disappoint. For fans of anime-type games, the 3D graphics used by Dawn Break - Origin - are really nice to look at. Each character is also displayed with a 3D model that is really beautiful. The fight was riotous, complete with a fairly busy number of enemies on the screen and special effects while carrying out attacks that looked really cool.

Epic Conquest

Epic Conquest is an action-packed classic RPG game. You can choose to act as one of the four characters provided, but at the beginning of the game, you can only choose two between Edna and Alaster. Each character has a different type of play, Edna is a fire mage, so all her fighting abilities are in shooting fire, while Alaster is a knight, so he also fights at close range using a sword. The fight against the enemy takes place in one arena, and you are free to move the character to maneuver or avoid attacks. You also have to study enemy movements and adapt while fighting.

Dragon Ball Leauge Dalia

The concept of this game is the Snake game that you usually play on your Android phone. But what distinguishes the characters used in this game are not snakes or worms, but characters from dragon Ball. Your goal in playing in this game is to collect as many points as possible by killing monsters in the arena. The longer you play, the more friends you can collect and will follow you wherever you go, and of course the more difficult the game will be. Even though this game is in Chinese, the gameplay is very easy to understand.


This game features modern 2D graphics with very cool animation quality. This is a fast-paced, action-packed game featuring a narrator's voice as its main feature. As for the game itself, this hack-and-slash game is designed to show fast-paced action. You can cut enemies, do evasion, and even attack the living machines that will become your enemies. Even though it looks difficult, ICEY offers simple controls, allowing you to combine several movements with ease.

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