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Top 7 Best Openworld Offline For Android 2020

Go to car driving 3

Go to Car Driving 3 is an open world game that is quite unique. In this game, you can do various things, such as completing missions, visiting the gym, to playing in an amusement park. besides that, here you can also use drones, helicopters, and so on. Although it has promising potential, it still has drawbacks. The game controls are still not very good and there are still some bugs that can be found.

Download Go to car driving 3

Survival Island: EVO - Survivor

In accordance with the name of the game, Survival Island is a survival game that supports open world maps. In its game, Survival Island frees players to explore a large island. Not just an island, yes, this empty island has millions of mysteries in it. You must be able to survive all the dangers that exist on the island. Your mission in this game is to survive on an island that holds a secret treasure. You must be able to collect supplies and fight with the hijackers who want to take the supplies you have.

Download Survival Island: EVO - Survivor

Code Asylum

This game takes the storyline from a fantasy kingdom in the middle ages. Dynamic game controls are one of the advantages of this game, to the fierce battles that are displayed. In this game, you can choose three classes starting from Soldiers with heavy armor, sword weapons, then Archers who inflict damage to the biggest enemies and finally the Wizard with the power of spells and elements as the main strength. The game map itself is quite extensive, so later you can enjoy exploring through deserts, grasslands, cliffs, to snowy mountains.

Download Code Asylum

Angel Sword

Angle Sword is an RPG game with the concept of a Skyrim or Fallout game that is packaged for android devices. Because it was released for Android devices, of course the expectations for the quality of the presentation presented to this game will not be too high. This game will start like other similar games, where at the beginning of the game you will create a character for you to use in adventures. In that world, of course, you will be filled with various things that you can beat to make your character stronger and tougher. In accordance with the title of the game, the character you are playing is a character in the form of an angel, although you can later choose to play a demon character as well. Apart from that, this game still has other features in the game, including strong boss battles.

Download Angel Sword

Ravensword: Shadowland 3D

If you are a fan of one of the most popular open world RPG game franchises, namely The Elder Scroll series, then this game might be something you like. Ravensword Shadowlands is a game that combines open world and RPG elements. The world of Ravensword is quite large and to reach the quest location you sometimes have to walk a long way. For the leveling system itself, Ravensword uses a system similar to the Elder Scroll series where the more you use it, the better the effect. So there is no binding specialization. You are free to use a sword, bow or ax. Broadly speaking, Ravensword: Shadowlands is a fairly old action RPG but still interesting to play.

Download Ravensword: Shadowland 3D

Rope Frog Ninja Hero

Simulating life like a spiderman, Rope Frog Ninja Hero is apparently able to pack a pretty exciting game concept. The reason is, players can do various things. The player's task in this game is to get rid of the gang members who are into trouble in the city. In the game, players can complete missions, visit salons, fight, or just take a walk. As a spider man, you can shoot webs or climb various tall buildings. Apart from that, the character can also shoot laser beams from its eyes. This power will be very effective when fighting with enemies. But if you mess up, you also have to deal with the security guards.

Download Rope Frog Ninja Hero

The Dark Knight Rises

The game adopted from the Batman series has a pretty good quality, with a story similar to the movie, although with a few additions to make the game long enough and worth playing. There will be 25 missions that you must undergo which are divided into 6 chapters and 3 missions in free roaming. The combat system in this game is also relatively simple, because it only has one action button to perform a combo that has to be pressed repeatedly. Batman's movements also look natural with many variations so it's very fun and comfortable to play.

Download The Dark Knight Rises
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