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Top 10 Best Pokemon Games For Android OFFLINE


This game developed by Vewo Interactive Inc will carry the RPG adventure genre, which is very thick with exploration and grinding elements. In terms of the story, you will become a trainer from monsters, you need to train your monsters to become strong enough to challenge Nexomon King, namely Omnicron. In total there will be 300 monsters that you can get in this game. Similar to classic pokemon games, you can also catch, train, and evolve your monsters, while exploring the world of Nexomon and challenging other trainers. In a battle system this game will use a turn based system, and enemies will appear randomly when you are exploring.

Download Nexomon


Presenting the theme of taming monsters like pokemon and digimon, Coromon manages to bring the feel of a classic game quite interestingly. Even though it's still in the Early Access stage, this game feels quite promising. By presenting a pixel art-style graphic presentation, this game will spoil you with an in-depth storyline to the presence of challenging puzzle elements. For the gameplay itself, Coromon presents a turn-based strategy-based gameplay and a fairly extensive world addition. Later, you can find up to more than 100 different Coromons. Each of them has unique characteristics and abilities.

Download Coromon

Pockemon cafe mix

Pokémon Café Mix is ​​the newest official puzzle game from The Pokemon Company. In this game, you just need to churn out various cute Pokemon icons in a place according to your request. Simply by rotating your finger, the cute icons will be mixed and you will get points. As in other puzzle games, you will continue to advance stage by stage with increasing difficulty and unlocking various skills. This game can also be played offline without requiring an internet connection.

Download Pockemon cafe mix


EvoCreo will take you on an adventure exploring the vast world and collecting Creo while dueling other Evokers. There are 130 Creos that can be collected in this game. when adventuring you will fight monsters and also you will meet fellow Evoker and of course you have to compete against them. You can play automatically while fighting with Creo. Each Creo has different elements so, pay attention when fighting the enemy what element they have for example, if they have air element then defeat them with fire element. In this game, we fight in a turn based style or in other words the players will take turns attacking each other.

Download Evocreo

Drakomon Batle & Catch

Drakomon is a game where you have to capture, train and develop dragon monsters to fight epic battles in the arena. The game has an online multi player mode, and of course you can offline as well as customizable characters, and excellent 3D graphics. Explore an incredible and immersive 3D world: roam various cities, complete multiple quests and discover new characters and monsters in exciting storylines and epic journeys while adventuring. And you can also customize your tariner with various clothes, hair, pants, and many others.

Download Drakomon Batle & Catch

Terra Monster 3

Terra Monsters 3 is a Pokemon-like game that really features open world exploration in it! Like Pokemon, you will control a character who must go on an adventure in the wild to complete a mission. Before that, you were given a monster starter to accompany your adventure in the Terrarium, as an initial capital to catch stronger monsters! The graphics are really cool, which is 3D-style both when in battle or on an adventure. Even cooler, Terra Monsters 3 has a day and night cycle which has different monsters in each cycle. So sometimes strong monsters hide at night and you will feel challenged to explore after sunset!

Download Terra Monster 3


Evertale will offer an adventure game, where you can explore and try to save Erden Island from the threat of Pandemonium. Of course, Evertale will also give you the opportunity to meet lots of monsters on the way. You can then catch this monster and put it into the party you have. Not to forget, you can train them later and let them evolve into even stronger monsters. For those of you who like to compete, Evertale will have PvP and Guilds modes, as a place where you can join and communicate with other players around the world.

Download Evertale

Monster Trip Chaos

This game is in the 3rd series, the continuation of the first monster trip and the second monster storm2. So if the previous version of the quest stuck at Dodan City, you have to download this version. Unfortunately this game only reaches cave 150. Its base is like Pokemon games in general. But it has an interesting story and there is a mini game in it which is quite challenging. The drawback is there are still many bugs that make it jammed and we are forced to restart it. So you have to save files often.

Download Monster Trip Chaos

pocket mortys

In Pocket Mortys, you will collect dozens of types of Morty that are scattered in various dimensions to be competed like Pokémon. With Rick and Morty's concept and comedy, you will be entertained by dozens of Rick and Mortys that you can find in Pocket Mortys. Pocket Mortys applies a Pokemon game mechanic that has been modified to some extent in the game. Players will play as Rick, who will then use Morty as a dueling tool. Rick can catch a variety of Morty types, each of which has its own unique attack.

Download pocket mortys

Beasti Bay

Beastie Bay is what you get if you combine a town simulation with Pokemon. From the town simulation side, you are required to build houses so that people want to live on your island. In addition, you have to build farms, wells, and even docks to attract tourists. Later in the middle of the game you can also explore the islands around you. This exploration is useful for getting items, pets and various new research ideas. Meanwhile, from the Pokemon side, you will get turn-based battles where you will fight and capture various monsters that are scattered in the game.

Download Beasti Bay

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