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Top 7 Best Moba OFFLINE For Android 2020

Heroes Strike Offline

In Heroes Strike, you will choose one of the characters to duel in a small, symmetrical arena. In this game you will collect experience, then buy various kinds of skills to fight against opponents simultaneously two teams, 3 players against 3 players. Which team manages to beat the most opponents when 4 minutes are up, that team wins. In appearance, there is no difference between Heroes Strike Offline and Online. Both of them use cute-looking 3D graphics, where each character appears detailed with charming animation. Each character also has interesting skills, all of which are coolly displayed when fighting against other teams. With a total of 20 heroes, each with a unique choice of skins, makes for a lot of fun.

Download: Heroes Strike Offline

Awakening Of Heroes

Awakening Of Heroes MOBA 5V5 carries Objective Based MOBA gameplay. Even though in general you still play the same way, namely strategizing, fighting enemy heroes, and winning games. However, there are specific objectives that you need to fulfill to win the game. Apart from that, there is a unique feature that you can only feel in this Awakening Of Heroes: MOBA 5V5 game. Among these are plants that you can turn into deadly weapons and traps. You can also place these trap plants in unexpected places as a surprise for the opposing team.

Download Awakening Of Heroes

Legendary Heroes

This Tower Defense Action Real Time Strategy game requires you to take control of three heroes alternately. The goal remains the same: penetrate the enemy defense towers one by one until finally reaching the main fort and destroying them. At the beginning of each level you are invited to choose three of the nine available heroes. Each has a different special power, or skill. Simply pressing the Hero image on the right, your character will quickly change. If you are skilled, you can find the right skill combination for each character to attack the enemy quickly.

Download: Legendary Heroes

Dungeon Quest

As the name suggests, this game tells the story of an adventure in a dungeon and each dungeon has 5 stages or chapters that must be completed. And at the end of each Dungeon you have to face strong enemies. Your character can use 2 equipment, namely main weapons and off-hand weapons. The weapons range from swords to magic wands, Dungeon Quest has 100 levels that you have to go through and after a few levels you will also fight a boss. The battle against the boss can be said to be interesting because each boss has its own characteristics and a boss battle can take a long time. Defeating a boss or an ordinary enemy will give you exp which is useful for increasing the level of your character.

Download Dungeon Quest

 Hero Of Order Chaos

The gameplay of this game is actually almost the same as the DoTA game, where you will choose one hero that you will play. You and the enemy will also have 1 large tower in the base. Now if the tower in your base is destroyed, then you will lose and if the enemy tower is destroyed then you will win. Overall the Heroes Order & Chaos game is very, very worthy for you to play. With a free price, you will get a new experience playing the Moba Battle Arena game with very good graphics and sound quality. Especially if you really are a DoTA game lover, then this game is worth having and playing

Download  Hero Of Order Chaos

Bug Heroes 2

In this Bug Heroes 2 game, just like its predecessor, you will still fight against other insects while defending your fort and collecting scattered foods. You are also required to protect the fort by building machine guns until the Bug Heroes 2 cannon only provides 3 main places that will become your playing arena, namely the kitchen, living room and also the backyard. There are 3 modes that you can play in Bug Heroes 2, namely mission, endless and skirmish. In mission mode, you will fight the enemy while doing the missions provided such as defending the food base for 2 minutes or building 3 turrets and defending it for 1 minute from enemy attacks. With every successful mission, you will get a star and sometimes a gem.

Download Bug Heroes 2

Legend Of Ace

Just like most MOBAs today, you will also be spoiled with the best graphics when playing this game. Of course, with its small size and fast gameplay, you will quickly feel at home playing it. This game is claimed to be the MOBA with the fastest play time, so you won't waste too much time playing. There are several differences between this game and its competitors.

One of them is a timer that counts down the time so that the game becomes more intense. In addition, this game also uses cards instead of items like other MOBA games.

These cards can be used by players to get the effect they are looking for. LOA also has 7 turrret, less than 10 ML or AoV.

Download Legend Of Ace

Plants War 2

Plants War 2 is an offline moba game that is quite popular and provides characters or heroes who don't look violent.

The heroes in this game are in the form of unique plants that you will play in battles with a jungle background.

It's really safe for kids because there won't be any sexy game characters in it!

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