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Top 7 Best New Android Games OFFLINE 2020 Part 2

Heroes Strike Offline

In Heroes Strike, you will choose one of the characters to duel in a small, symmetrical arena. In this game you will collect experience, then buy various kinds of skills to fight against opponents simultaneously two teams, 3 players against 3 players. Which team manages to beat the most opponents when 4 minutes are up, that team wins. In appearance, there is no difference between Heroes Strike Offline and Online. Both of them use cute-looking 3D graphics, where each character appears detailed with charming animation. Each character also has interesting skills, all of which are coolly displayed when fighting against other teams. With a total of 20 heroes, each with a unique choice of skins, makes for a lot of fun.

Download Heroes Strike Offline

Faily Breaks 2

In Faily Brakes 2, you are tasked with driving a car that can't stop, aka the brakes are not working. The car will continue to slide down the mountain, and you must be able to avoid various kinds of obstacles that are ready to make an accident, such as trees, rocks, traffic, even trains. Make sure the car you are driving is not hit and go as far as possible. Remarkably, as a game that is basically an endless runner, the level of customization of Faily Brakes 2 is quite satisfying. You can change the main character from male to female, can change vehicles, change colors, and so on. The game controls are also very simple, there are two left and right buttons at the bottom of the screen to direct the car left and right.

Download Faily Breaks 2

Planet Ascend: Space Battle

in this game you will be a fighter pilot who will fight in space against rebels and galactic bandits

Your job here is to protect your friends from the bandits' attacks or fight with them in intense aerial combat. As time goes by, of course, you can also upgrade your plane to become stronger. This game has several galaxies created manually with beautiful 3D graphics

Download Planet Ascend: Space Battle


PetrolHead is one of the newest driving simulation games that you can try playing this month. As a driving simulation game, this game is able to offer a driving experience that feels quite real. For the offline game mode itself, here you can play in career mode by completing various tasks and challenges to park the vehicle in the right position.

When completing these tasks, you are also required to follow every traffic rule, such as wearing a seat belt, stopping at a red light, and so on. One of the advantages of this game is the game controls with a pretty good gameplay mechanic.

Download PetrolHead

Smiling-X 2

The second series of the Smiling-X game will take you to continue the story that started in the first series. After escaping from the creepy studio, you are now required to put up a fight and discover the secret behind the X Corporation.

With the theme of a horror survival game, here you have to watch out for new enemies that are not found in the previous series. Not much different from other similar games that are widely circulating, in this game you are also required to solve various puzzles that are presented.

The puzzle can be solved by finding various items that match the problem at hand.

Download Smiling-X 2

Epic Raft

In this game, you will be released in the middle of the sea without proper food or equipment. Just a small raft and a hook. Your job here is to try to survive by building a floating house on a raft. Not on an island. You can pick up items that are carried by the ocean currents by using the hook tool you have. You can dive to the bottom of the sea or dock on an island in search of items needed to survive. When diving, you must be careful. Because there are sharks ready to prey on and destroy your raft. And what makes this game fun is the multiplayer feature that lets you play it with your friends.

Download Epic Raft

PHOBOS 2089: Idle Tactical

In this game, you will play a character who is a member of the unit who has various kinds of missions. Most of the missions are slaughtering zombies and monsters in the arena stage. Well, your character moves automatically. Your job is only to determine which weapon is right for fighting the enemies in each station. Each weapon will be more effective for certain enemies. So make sure you are really observant about choosing the weapon. Then you also have to pay attention to the level of the weapon to be used. Make sure to upgrade your weapons because the longer your enemy is going to be harder to kill. With a pretty cool graphic display, this game is enough to make you feel at home playing.

Download PHOBOS 2089: Idle Tactical

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