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Top 7 Best New Anime Games For Android 2020

Date A Live Spitit Pledge

This game itself, in terms of the story in the game, can be said to be very similar to the anime series, for those who have watched the anime, they will definitely be familiar with the storyline that will be presented in story mode. Game Date a Live: Spirit Pledge has an Action-RPG genre and a visual novel at the same time, this game may be almost the same as Hongkai Impact 3 or Azur Line, but what makes it different is the dating simulation. Yes, in this game we can go on dates with beautiful girls in Anime Date A Live, such as Tohka, Kurumi, Yoshino, Miku and many more.

Download Date A Live Spitit Pledge

Inuyasha Awakening

Based on the famous manga by Rumiko Takahashi, Inuyasha tells of the adventures of Kagome Higurashi, a high school student who accidentally finds herself back in feudal times in Japan and meets a half-human demon named Inuyasha. For the gameplay itself, this game carries the action-RPG genre. Each battle is held based on a party of four characters with level attributes which of course need to be increased over time using certain items. For the mechanism itself, the action of attacking, issuing skills and dodging can be carried out in real-time freely like an action game on a 2D setting, which is supported with Automatic features, as well as Sweep which makes it easy to farm items from missions that have been completed with three stars.

Download Inuyasha Awakening

Fate Grand Order Waltz

In order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Fate Grand Order mobile game, Aniplex.inc as the developer made a special surprise to its loyal players. Aniplex.inc as the developer made a special game that can be downloaded for free on QooApp.

Its name is Fate Grand Order Waltz. A video game with 3D visuals, where the main focus of this game is just fanservice and has nothing to do with the plot or storyline in the main game.

Your character in the game will be invited to dance and dance by our favorite kouhai Mash Kyrielight. You can also choose between Gudao (male) and Gudako (female) characters.

Because the content is full of entertainment, and there is no action or serious things, it is recommended to play it when you are alone so you can feel the beautiful visuals and the audio, which is mostly taken from the song that accompanies Maaya Sakamoto, who is voiced by Jeanne D'arc.

Download Fate Grand Order Waltz

Soulworker Anime Legends

Soulworker Anime Legends is an anime-themed MMORPG action game developed by South Korean developer Lion Games. This game tells the story of where the world is invaded by creatures from other dimensions, where humans must defend the earth. Just as hope is almost dashed, a force appears in the group of teenagers and begins a battle with the creature. Carrying the ARPG concept, SSoulworker Anime Legends presents a combat hack and slash system in its gameplay. As an action RPG, of course it wouldn't be complete if SSoulworker Anime Legends didn't have a PvP feature. In this game, you can experience 4 PvP features at once. You can also compete with other players or try to duel your friends in the 1vs1 duel arena.

Download Soulworker Anime Legends

Tales Of Crestoria

Older gamers will know this tales series made by Bandai Namco, Tales of Crestoria is a game made quite different from the previous Tales series. The combat mechanism in this game no longer uses an action or real-time system, but instead uses a turn-based RPG style with a fast battle tempo. This game also features a collection of characters in almost every franchise. Combine Kanata and his allies with legendary characters from the previous Tales to form a team and help you take on your enemies. Even though this game is like an RPG in general, there are many other things that are presented in it. This game has an original story that is quite interesting with animated cutscenes. The quality presented in Tales of Crestoria is quite good for the size of a mobile game. This game might even be better than other Tales series.

Download Tales Of Crestoria

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is an RPG with a casual feel that offers quite complex but interesting combat, adventure, and character development. With good pixel graphics and background songs, Guardian Tales looks very fresh and has a game presentation that is different from most other mobile games. Apart from offering adventures full of challenging action, Guardian Tales also has a variety of puzzles that make the game quite interesting. The players will later be forced to rack their brains in solving the available puzzles. Each stage will have a different type of puzzle, such as adjusting the flow of electricity, making rock formations, or catching thieves in the game.

Download Guardian Tales

After Life: The Sacred Kaleidoscope

AFTER L! FE: The Sacred Kaleidoscope is an RPG game that involves handsome anime characters in it. Of course this game is perfect for female gamers who are looking for RPG games with cool and handsome male characters.

Developed by NHN Corp, this game comes with an interesting gameplay, where there is a visual novel mode as well as cute chibi characters. This game also has a "gacha" system that allows you to get rare characters. And the good news is that this game has been able to update in English, so that it can make it easier for you to play this game.

Download After Life: The Sacred Kaleidoscope

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