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Top 8 Anime Game Recomended To Play in 2020

Dragon Ball Fighter Z
Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a fighting game featuring characters that are familiar to you. There are 24 heroes and villains that you can choose to later compete in the battle arena.
You can use Goku, Bezita, Frieza, Cell, and many others. The battles in this game feel very special because they look similar to those in the anime story.
These elements can be felt at moments such as the effects of super saiya changes, air battles and fast movements when casting moves. All of these aspects are so complete because they use the audio visuals from the Dragon Ball anime series.
So it's not wrong if this game will be right for you who like the sensation of fighting that is destructive, chaotic, but still fun to play.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
The storyline of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is set at the time of the 4th ninja world war. Just like the story in the manga and anime series, you are required to fight Obito and Madara Uchiha.
This game presents several game modes that you can choose from, such as story mode to free battles which will be very exciting if played with your friends.
Gameplay in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is very easy to understand. This game carries a fighting mechanism that is not complicated at all.
To issue a jutsu, you just need to press two key combinations in sequence. So when a battle between ninjas occurs, you can use this method to issue deadly moves to defeat the enemies.

Jump Force
Jump Force is a crossover fighting game that brings together all Japanese anime characters. They include characters from the Dragon Ball series, One Piece, Samurai-X, Death Note, Naruto, and many others.
The game's story begins when Frieza and his super strong army named Venom come to Earth. He then attacked and devastated New York City.
Goku and his friends have a hard time dealing with Frieza's attack. At that moment, Trunks managed to save a human who would later become a character that you can play.
The character you play will have super powers. To fight the battle, you are required to join a group, each led by Goku, Luffy and Naruto.

One Piece Pirates Warrior 4
One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 is an adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's anime and comic series. This game itself has Musou Genre, which is similar to Dynasty Warrior. For those of you who don't know what Musou is or have never played Dynasty Warrior at all, this genre is another form of the Hack n Slash game but with hundreds of times more enemies and lots of characters that you can use.
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 itself provides a side story that takes the arc: Alabasta, Enies Lobby, Marineford, Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island, and Wano Country in it. The stories are presented through crucial moments that define each of these arcs in the existing anime / manga version. You certainly won't get all the details, all the conversations, all the battles, because it's going to take so long.

My Hero's Justice
My Hero One's Justice is a game version of the well-known anime titled My Hero Academia. The concept of action battle that is carried will be more perfect with the presence of realistic stage destruction features.
The battle arena is destructible and produces a destructive ravage effect. That's what adds to the excitement when there is a battle in this one game.
There are many modes that you can try, such as story mode, mission, local match, training, online mode and arcade mode. In order to follow the storyline of this game, you can choose the story mode option.
In it, there will be an interesting cut scene that explains the storyline of this game. In addition, to complete this mode you must win every battle that occurs.

Fate extella link
In this game, you will act as Charlemagne who lives in a virtual world called SERAPH. The character you play has the ability to summon a servant creature.
You can use the power of these creatures to protect SERAPH, which is in danger. A group of evil servants have been summoned to rule the world you live in.
The battlefield in this game is divided into various regional sectors. The clue to find out this info is on the map which is always displayed on the right side of the screen.
The blue sector is your territory, while the red is the enemy-controlled zone. Your mission is to seize the enemy's territory by defeating the leaders of each sector. 

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is an action game that offers combat with real time mechanics. To attack enemies, you can perform various combos and sword skills.
In this way, you can inflict deadly damage on your opponent. However, this can happen if your moment is right when you see the enemy's weakness.
Apart from attacking well, you are required to have a strong defense system while in the battle arena. Therefore, the strategy of choosing the Dogde and party system can be an option that needs to be tried.
In the party system, you can bring three characters to accompany you during battle. The three of them can be directed to take actions such as heal, combination skills and escape.

Attack on Titan 2
The plot of the story in this game adapts to the events in the anime Attack on Titan season 2. So it's no wonder you can find moments that are more or less the same as those told by the anime.
The second edition of this game will be more difficult than the previous series. You will fight new, stronger types of titan such as Beast, Colossal, and Armored Titan.
But as a start in the game, you will be directed to customize the character to be controlled. This feature is a new aspect that was missing from the first edition.
The characters you create can later be used in multiplayer or single player mode. That way, you can see the storyline from the point of view of your character
So that's the 8 best anime PC games for nakano gaming. If this video is interesting, don't hesitate to click like subscribe and share it on your social media so you know a lot and wait for the next new video

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